Invent and craft your own game in the real world with your preferred physical stuff (pencils, markers, coloured wooden blocks, etc.). Focus on the creative part. Then take a picture of your creation, configure a few options in the App, and enjoy playing your new game!


Download the App. Read the documentation (overall description and user guide) to get to know how Inventame works and to learn how to create your own games. Read the example games to see inspiring examples that demonstrate the kind of creations you can conceive. Start creating your own entertainment and share it. Be creative. Enjoy! And surprise us with new ingenious uses of Inventame!

We will continue uploading crafted game examples. Stay tuned!



  • Inventame allows the immediate creation of video-games. Once the idea of the game is clear, you only need to craft the game scenario (using adequate coloured materials), take a picture of it, configure a few options and play its digital version.
  • No programming skills are necessary for creating a new video-game.
  • You are responsible for creating the scenarios, but also for defining the game rules and controlling its compliance (as it happens in traditional physical games).
  • The options you define for your game are saved into the picture itself. Thus, all you need to share your game is to send the picture (by using any mechanism that does not remove information from the picture).
  • Inventame aims to foster kids’ creativity, socialization, responsibility, conflict resolution, flexibility, and their manual and artistic skills (see motivation).
  • Inventame is also ideal for creating personalized games as gifts for your loved ones.
  • Even though we encourage the creation of manually crafted games, of course you can create yours with any digital painting application.